1.2GW Summerfield Renewable Energy Hub

SREH is a 2,444 acre development site with advanced planning approvals in place and direct access to key transmission infrastructure. Capable of hosting up to 1.2GW of energy production across a range of renewable and dispatchable technologies including Solar, Battery Energy Storage Systems, Combined Cycle Gas Turbines and Hydrogen

What is SREH?

The Summerfield Renewable Energy Hub is a 2,444 acre development site. Subject to market need and demand Summerfield offers the flexibility to host over 1.2GW of generation across a range of technologies including Solar, Battery Energy Storage, CCGT and Hydrogen.




The Summerfield site is in South Australia’s Eastern Hills region, approximately 55km east of Adelaide. The site is located 16 km from the 275 kV Tungkillo switching station and abuts ElectraNet’s 275 kV Tungkillo to Tailem Bend line. Additionally, the SEAGas and APA gas pipelines transition through the site.

The Tungkillo switching station and nearby electricity transmission infrastructure, forms a key part of the 275 kV backbone of the South Australian transmission system and links the Metropolitan, Riverland, Mid-North, Eastern Hills and South East Regions. Tungkillo is a critical node for the energy flowing from/to Adelaide and the Northern regions of South Australia into Victoria,  via the Heywood Interconnector. 


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